Yashdeep Thorat

Pagination for the spreadsheet interface using Ajax

I spent my third week of coding implementing pagination for the spreadsheet interface. This was a crucial task which helped in reducing the time taken to load the data.

Fetching data using Ajax

Pagination required the dynamic loading of data. Thus, the previously used method of using the database slave to retrieve data would not work. This is where the Mediawiki API comes into picture. The API provides a query action that enables the retrieval of data dynamically using Ajax. The first query is used to retieve the names of all the pages in which the template is embedded: {{< tabbed-codeblock >}}

baseUrl + '/api.php?action=query&format=json&list=embeddedin&eilimit=500&eititle=Template:' + templateName {{< /tabbed-codeblock >}}

Now using another query, the page contents are retreived for each page: {{< tabbed-codeblock >}}

baseUrl + '/api.php?action=query&format=json&prop=revisions&rvprop=content&formatversion=2&titles=' + pageName {{< /tabbed-codeblock >}} After the page contents are fetched, all the template calls are seperated and the values are extracted to be stored in an array of objects using javascript functions.

Pagination using jsGrid methods

The jsGrid library provides inbuilt methods to support pagination. The configuration required to enable pagination is as follows:

    autoload: true,
    paging: true,
    pageLoading: true,
    pageSize: 25,
    pageIndex: 1,

The jsGrid library also provides the loadData(filter) method which is called when data loading for each page. I overrided this method to get the page contents using Ajax and convert the results into required format to display them in the spreadsheet. An inbuilt pager is provided by the jsGrid library that is automatically rendered below the grid.

{{< image classes="fancybox center clear" src=" (opens in a new tab)" thumbnail=" (opens in a new tab)" title="Pager provided by jsGrid" >}}

The number of pages are calculated using the _pagesCount(). I overrided the function as follows:

    pagesCount: function() {
	  pageSize = this.pageSize;
	  return Math.ceil( pages.length / pageSize );

Selector for Number of results to show

To create the the selector, I used the widgets from the Object Oriented User Interface (OOUI) library, namely PopupButtonWidget, ButtonSelectWidget and the ButtonOptionWidget.

{{< image classes="fancybox center clear" src=" (opens in a new tab)" thumbnail=" (opens in a new tab)" title="Selector for Number of results to show using OOUI" >}}

When a different pageSize is selected the loadData() function is called again and the grid is refreshed according to the new pageSize.

My next task will be to enable adding of new pages using the interface and to improve the autoedit API for saving pages. Stay tuned for updates!

Patches on Gerrit: