The Community Bonding Period

My end semester exams took up most of my time during the community bonding period. However, I managed to take out time to set up my own blog. Setting up the blog using Hugo was fun and convenient. Also, I was lucky to find a great theme - tranquilpeak which has lots of features and integrated services like disqus. Once I was satisfied and had finished customizing the blog, I wrote my first blog post. Apart from this, I interacted with my mentors, discussed a bit about the project and created a MediaWiki user page for myself and updated my profile.

Coding Period: Added a Special page

I made an initial commit to add an extra special page to the Page Forms Extension. The special page tentatively named Edit using spreadsheet appears in the list of special pages on Special:SpecialPages as follows:

Special:SpecialPAges Special:SpecialPAges

A template must be passed as a GET variable when redirecting to Special:EditUsingSpreadsheet. If no template is specified, the page displays a list of all the available templates in the wiki similar to Special:Templates as shown below:

Special:EditUsingSpreadsheet without a template(default) Special:EditUsingSpreadsheet without a template(default)

If a template is specified, then the page currently displays a blank. I am currently working on adding a spreadsheet interface using jsGrid to the page, which will have all the template call to that template.

Special:EditUsingSpreadsheet for template: Jsgrid-test Special:EditUsingSpreadsheet for template: Jsgrid-test
I am currently figuring out the best approach to make the spreadsheet and trying to understand the functions and classes used to query and display data.

The above-mentioned updates can be viewed in the following commit:

Stay tuned for updates!